Amy Jenner

Amy embraced life with endless love, determination and spirit.

She had a great sense of humour and many passions; She loved books, the sea, outdoor life, good food and wine, adored dogs and nurtured her ‘plant babies’!

Amy studied Creative Writing and Acting at university which led to her career in theatre and the arts. Attending plays, poetry and music gigs inspired her.

Amy was only 37 when she died, but she achieved much in her life. Her compassionate nature made a difference to many people.

She didn’t want Triple Negative Breast Cancer to define her. It didn’t. A few months before she died, Amy wrote:

“In these last three years I have lived hard and fast. I do what I want and make no apologies. I don’t ‘wait’ to wear the nice dress, see my family and friends, climb a real-life mountain...I just do. Because cancer has given me the gift of knowing how precious my time is. The last 3 years I’ve lived the hardest and enjoyed the most (in- between the treatment!). My life has subtly changed, and I’ve become the person I was always meant to be. Unapologetically always living hard and fast. Don’t waste your lives... Be happy, don’t ever put life off and give yourself a hug for all the things you’ve overcome so far xxxx.”

Amy cherished her family and friends. She will always be our beloved Daughter, Sister and Auntie, and a dear friend to many

Amy Jenner 1982 – 2020

Amy Jenner