Carol Pairaudeau

Carol is a painter and printmaker working from her home studio in rural Leicestershire. She has exhibited widely within the UK, and in Guernsey, Sweden, and Tokyo.

Her creative journey began in 2005 when she left AstraZeneca to study fine art at Loughborough University. The career switch did not play out quite as envisioned, including completing her degree whilst living in Sweden, suffering a close bereavement and shortly afterwards a personal diagnosis of breast cancer. Six months of treatment and solitude afforded plenty of time to reflect and determine how she could prioritise art in an uncertain future.

Carol decided to return to full-time study, to develop a creative practice that brought together her experiences of science, fine art, and breast cancer illness. She was awarded an MA Art & Design (Distinction) from Loughborough University in 2016. The series of artist books made during this period can be seen as part of the Breast Cancer & Me exhibition. These books include some personal insights, but in general focus on the collective experience of a small group of women, from across the UK, who found each other online as they all began chemotherapy treatment in the same month (April 2013). Colours, materials, techniques, and the methods of construction are all carefully selected to support the theme of each book.

Almost ten years later and the group is sadly smaller, but these women continue to provide a safe and supportive space for each other – through ongoing health scares, whilst waiting for results, and when there is devastating news.

Carol Pairaudeau