Annie Dennison

Annie is a former clinical psychologist based in California, USA, who has “re-storied” her life purpose through art and advocacy after breast cancer changed everything. She was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer in 2015 at the age of 53. In addition to lumpectomy surgery, chemotherapy and other medications, she underwent six weeks of daily radiation treatments.

Annie had previously enjoyed both photography and creating mixed-media art and her diagnosis spurred her to pursue art more intensely. During one of her darkest moments, chemotherapy left her too poorly to go out and take photos. She then got an idea to dress, pose and photograph Barbie dolls, with their hair pulled out their hair to simulate chemotherapy’s well-known side effect. Thus ‘The Barbies Losing It’ photography project began, and she has been pouring her post-diagnosis feelings and thoughts into those images ever since!

Barbies Losing It